gellweiler / Amazon Cloud Player unchain download button


Version: 2.0.1+4b6ebf9


License: MIT;

Script Summary: Will unchain download buttons in Amazon Cloud Player so that you can download multiple songs on Linux and other platforms without Amazon Downloader. The resulting files can be opened with clamz or pymazon.

Important: You will have to authorize your device before you can download multiple songs, by once downloading a single song on every device you will use this script. After 90 days you might need to reauthorize your device by downloading a single song.

Then simply activate this script and use the normal download link above your playlists. Instead of an annoying poup telling you your system is not supported you will get an .amz file which you can open with clamz or pymazon. Download links in the album view will not work. Tested with firefox on ubuntu.

Buginfo: I forgot to set the include url to anything other than This is fixed in the current version. Thanks to Aaron Curtis for pointing that out.
Buginfo: Versions of this script prior to version 2.0.1 do not work with the current amazon cloud player as amazon changed the design.

Tools for opening .amz files:

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