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Version: 0.5.3+78dbb67 updated

Summary: View Intersteno Internet Keyboarding Competition classification lists on with added functionality, some fixes and better CSS

Copyright: 2020+, Geert Bonte (

License: MIT

View the classification lists of the Intersteno Internet Keyboarding Competition (and national contests) with added functionality, some fixes and better CSS.

Read a description of what this userscript is for and what it does on this English page on my otherwise Dutch blog:

New in version 0.5.1:

  • column headers stay visible at top of page when scrolling down
  • language selection now shows supported languages only
  • in addition to the international Intersteno contests, the script now also fully supports the national contests
  • show only relevant options in classification type drop-down list

New in version 0.5.2:

  • added country selection drop-down list on national contest selection page

New in version 0.5.3:

  • some minor fixes


Added functionality:

  • added drop-down list to filter the classification list on country (international contests only)
  • added language selection on national contest selection page
  • added country selection on national contest selection page
  • added link to national contests on international contest/language selection page and vice versa
  • added icon in the top-right corner when viewing the classification list inside a frame, to let you escape from the frame and view the list in the full browser window
  • contest name at top of page links back to contest/language selection (national and international contests)


  • fix inconsistensies in the contest selection drop-down list for national and international contests (hide test contests and contests with no participants, show contests that were previously hidden, use more consistent naming and show contests in alphabetical order)
  • fix inconsistensies in the language selection drop-down list (show supported languages only)
  • fix inconsistensies in the classification type drop-down list (show relevant options only, hide when there's only one relevant option)
  • fix translation errors for Dutch, French, German and Spanish
  • fix character encoding errors
  • fix ISO country and language codes

Cosmetic changes:

  • alternating background colors for odd and even table rows
  • more consistent font sizes and spacing
  • full width tables
  • consistent column widths across all tables
  • cells containing numerical data are right-aligned
  • all cells are top-aligned
  • added hyphenation points in long column headers to reduce column widths
  • column headers stay visible at top of page when scrolling down

Start here to view the classification lists:

Or go directly to: (international contests) (national contests)

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