gazza911 / TVmaze - Link Externals


Version: 1.12+33c819d updated

Summary: Add a link to externals (format given for thetvdb & imdb)

License: MIT

How to install

Firefox users: Download Greasemonkey
Chrome users: Download Tampermonkey

Click the blue 'Install' button on OpenUserJS and follow the on-screen instructions

Instructions / Notes

As of the time of writing, the following externals will link correctly:

  1. Thetvdb
  2. IMDb

If this ever changes and they stop working, the pencil icon can be used to change the formatting of the permalinks.

When changing this, the ID is specified using the placeholder {externalName-id}

If the permalink formats have been erroneously modified, the 'Reset Permalinks' button underneath the title of the show will allow these to be defaulted back to the original values.

If updates are made to the defaults via this script, the reset button can be used to use these new defaults.

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