gazza911 / Mark From Calendar


Version: 1.03+54cf884 updated

Summary: Mark episode as watched from calendar

License: MIT

Default view

Above is the default view of this script

How to install

Firefox users: Download Greasemonkey
Chrome users: Download Tampermonkey

Click the blue 'Install' button on OpenUserJS and follow the on-screen instructions

Instructions / Notes

Requires that you have JavaScript enabled (which it is by default on browsers)

It will add a button below each episode that you have not watched, once clicked it will mark the episode as watched like so (compare Saturday's episodes)

On clicking bar

Note: The bar + eye symbol will not appear for episodes that have not aired yet (with the exception of the current day, where time hasn't been taken into account yet)

Image taken on 11th May

It is possible to change the colours of the eye symbol, background colour and hover colour as well as the height and whether or not it will show for 'most popular' or not (due to there being many episodes listed), however this has to be done by editing the script; all instructions are given in the code, only the values need changing and the script will take care of the rest.

Example with changed height and colours

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