foxbud / Rebrickable Dark Mode


Version: 1.3.1+3435b3f updated

Summary: Enable dark mode on Rebrickable regardless of your account plan.

License: Apache-2.0

Rebrickable Dark Mode

Browser userscript to enable dark mode on Rebrickable regardless of your account plan.


The Rebrickable website has a dark mode. After making an account, users are allowed to "try out" this dark mode using a toggle switch, but this only applies to the current page and will not persist to the next page. Rebrickable requires users to pay for a premium account in order to make this change persistent.


This script works by enabling the dark mode "demo" immediately as soon as any Rebrickable page loads. Due to the way dark mode is implemented on this website, this script even works for users who are not signed into a Rebrickable account (despite not having access to the dark mode toggle switch).


This script is released by its authors under the Apache 2.0 license. See files rebrickable-dark-mode.user.js and LICENSE.txt for details.


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