floodmeadows / Jira create follow-on task


Version: 0.3+522df1f updated

Summary: Adds button to create a linked BA task to send QA screenshots to the Welsh Language Team for their QA feedback. The name of the new BA task will be based on the name of the current dev story and will have a "relates to" link to the dev story.

Copyright: 2021, floodmeadows (https://openuserjs.org/users/floodmeadows)

License: MIT

Adds a button to the Jira issue details view to create a follow-on task based on the current issue.

The script sets several default properties for the new task (including component, epic link, and status), and adds a "relates to" link between the new task and the current task.

Useful if you frequently need to create a follow-on task based on an existing task.

You'll need to customise the defaults to your own needs.

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