floodmeadows / Google Drive copy image filenames


Version: 0.1.6+65e7066 updated

Summary: Copies the list of image filenames from a Google Drive folder view to the clipboard

Copyright: 2023, floodmeadows (https://openuserjs.org/users/floodmeadows)

License: MIT

Adds a "Copy image filenames" button into Google Drive folder web view.

Select the button to copy filenames from the currently-viewed folder to your clipboard, ready for pasting anywhere you like.
Plain text. One filename per line.

Identifies image files as those with the following file extensions:

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg

Happy to add other image formats if it would help (or copy the script and make your own modified version.

There's probably a better way to manage longer lists of image file extensions using an array. One for a future update!

Created for a fairly niche use case: comparing a list of image filenames to the list of actual image files in a folder, to check for missing files that need to be in the folder. Also requires a spreadsheet with the relevant formulae.

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