ferranrecio / GmailMoodleTrackerintegration


Version: 1+39621d1 updated

License: MIT

Add a button in Gmail to scan MDL codes in the email subjects. MDL codes are the issue codes from the Moodle tracker repository.

The button will appear at the bottom-left part of the page with the text "Scan MDL". When clicked, the script will find any MDL code in the current inbox view and query the issue status and labels to the Moodle tracker.

Depending on the status, a thick border will appear on the left of every scanned email:

  • Yellow: the issue has an "open" status.
  • Red: the issue has a "closed" status
  • Blue: any other status

Apart, the shape of the border will indicate the triaging status of the issue:

  • Dotted line: the issue has a "triaged" label
  • Straight-line: the issue needs triaging

In any case, the script will add a title to the inbox entry. This means that is you keep the mouse over the email a small tip box will appear with the same information in textual mode.

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