exploder2013 / Twitch FullScreen Chat


Version: 0.11+d76c19b updated

Summary: Adds a button to Twitch player that adds the ability to view Twitch in fullscreen with chat window open.

Copyright: 2018, exploder2013

License: MIT

Twitch Fullscreen Chat Extension

  • Adds a chat overlay to fullscreen window in Twitch.

  • FFZ and BTTV supported along with any themes they set to the standard chat window.

    Preview Image

Supported browsers

  • Chrome

What does it do

  • The extension adds a small button on bottom of the Twitch player which goes into fullscreen mode with chat.
  • If the user exits the fullscreen mode, the chat is automatically removed from the player.
  • Ability to move/resize the window.
  • Automatically loaded whenever user goes to a new streamer.
  • Dragging/resizing/snapping ability (transparent bar on top of the chat to drag around).
  • Fixes the bug with Twitch player where your mouse cursor doesn't dissaper after some time (in both fullscreen/windowed).

How to use

  • If installed correctly, click the new fullscreen button on bottom right corner of the player to go into fullscreen mode with the chat.
  • All other Twitch buttons will retain their default functionality.
    Button Image

Additional information with pictures:

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