etc / E-Hentai Automated Downloads


Version: 2.0.1+6f2f29f updated

Summary: Automates downloads through the Doggie Bag Archiver

License: MIT;

Compatible with Firefox and Chrome.


  • The script uses the site's Doggy Bag Archiver to download archives, it doesn't do any scraping or anything like that. That means you need to be logged in for the script to function properly and to have enough GPs to download the archive (torrents don't need anything like that though, you don't even need to login).
  • Changing or reloading the page while the script is still working may result in deaths and bugs. But mostly bugs.

Version 2.0:

  • Rewritten a large portion of the code to use XHR requests instead of iframes

Version 1.1:

  • Added automatic torrent download (the script will pick the torrent with the most seeds)
  • Changed the way buttons are displayed in list mode
  • Moved the buttons inside the galleries on the big thumbnail

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