dtolman / Clan Display and Temperature addon for Planets.nu Starmap v1.7


Version: 1.7+fc9909b updated

Summary: Add Clan, Temperature, and Ownership display added to Map Tools within Planets.nu map


License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Adds to Map Tool entry in Planets.nu starmap an option to display clans, at increments of 1, 100,250,500,1000, and 10,000 clans. Planet climate is shown by the color - blue is ice, green is temperate, red is desert.

NEW - options to display ownership using default colors as well - by itself or in combination with number of clans.

v1.3 - now adds a view showing the total amount of supplies and money.
v1.5 - adds in the Temperature and Supply+MC view to the new client (on bottom of the tools list).
v1.6 Shows SB building potential on your planets (white=built, green=can be built, yellow=missing 1 requirement, red=missing 2, grey=missing 3 or more)
v1.7 Shows rate of Supply production, MC generation, or combined MC+Supply generation. These are color coded via my planet color add-on as it shows info for all known planets no matter the owner.

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