darkred / thepiratebay helper


Version: 2020.7.30+0b57ad6 updated

Summary: Converts dates to local timezone on thepiratebay and optionally either highlight VIP/Trusted/Moderator/Helper torrents or hide non verified torrents altogether

Support: https://github.com/darkred/Userscripts/issues

License: MIT

It's a modified version of PirateBay Time Changer

Additional features:

  • Now you may may choose in Settings via a dropdown menu between:
  • highlighting trusted,
  • hiding non trusted, (optionally combined with the checkbox: ...when toggle, include those non-trusted which have comments)
  • show all
  • Added two keyboard shortcuts ( ` and ~ ) to toggle between:
  • view trusted only, and view trusted incl. non-trusted with comments
  • view all
  • Added an option to display torrent timestamps in relative format (and recalculates them for browse/search lists every 10 secs) (enabled by default)
    (the initial timestamps -converted to local timezone's offset- are tooltips: just hover mouse on a relative date to view),
  • Added to swap the verified icons position with that of the comments (enabled by default),
  • Added an option to add a sortable 'Ratio' (seeds/peers) column (enabled by default).

You may also click on the e.g, 7/30 torrents are currently hidden) - click to toggle
to toggle highlight/hide (and this is reflected in GM_config too).

  • Changes in the relevant texts in the script due to that TPB timezone is GMT+1 (and not GMT as the site wrongly displays in torrent pages)
  • About the "enhance the visibility of torrents based off of VIP/Trusted status" feature:
  • Torrents by "Helpers" are now also highlighted.
  • Torrents by "Trusted" are now highlighted with this color: #F9D5DB (initially it was #FECDFE)


Thanks to emptyparad0x for making a very useful script!

Info for the script in http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/164849

  • This script changes the times everywhere on thepiratebay except for the comments. It changes the time shown in the browse/search lists and the torrent pages themselves (including the comments).
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find the configuration menu for the script. This is where you will enter how you'd like your times displayed.
  • The TPB Timezone allows for you to adjust the timezone that thepiratebay is currently displaying. As of 4/18/2013 the timezone is GMT+1, therefore its value should be left as it is, i.e. (GMT+1) + 0.
  • After saving settings, the script will reload the page.

Tech Info
This script uses GM_config and jQuery. It has not been tested for conflicts with other userscripts or languages besides English. It has been tested with GreaseMonnkey on Firefox and Tampermonkey on Chrome.

It uses Keypress keyboard input capturing utility and the jQuery plugin tablesorter (forked by Rob Garrison (Mottie)) .

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