darkred / Rotten Tomatoes Decimal Rating


Version: 3.0.1+6649b07 updated

Summary: Changes base-5 Rating of Rotten Tomatoes to base-10

License: MIT

By default RottenTomatoes pages uses base 10 rating for TOMATOMETER and base-5 for AUDIENCE SCORE.
This script changes the latter's base-5 to base-10, and modifies both relevant tooltips, in order to be perceived more easily.
It modifies these 3 elements:

  • appends the descriptive text (=6 stars or higher) to the text of the TOMATOMETER tooltip,
  • modifies the text, from 3.5 stars or higher into 7 stars or higher, inside the AUDIENCE SCORE tooltip,
  • multiplies x2 the AUDIENCE SCORE Average Rating.

Note 1: since v2 the script modifies the elements immediately after they are displayed (not after page completely loads).
Note 2: this script uses the setMutationHandler function (by wOxxOm)

Thanks a lot to wOxxOm: he initially wrote it (v1) and he also offered improvements (v2 and v3)

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