darkred / Instagram - visible images counter


Version: 2017.11.21+d28988b updated

Summary: Shows (in instagram profile pages) how many images out of total (as a number and as a percentage) are currently visible, as you scroll down the page

License: MIT

This script in profile pages in Instagram.
It adds a static element in the upper right corner of the page,
showing how many images out of total are visible (and also as a percentage) (see screenshot in the end).
Also, if you scroll down, beyond the first 12 images,
then the "LOAD MORE" button(to show more images) will be automatically clicked (so, it's bypassed).

Note: as you are in your timeline (https://instagram.com/)
for the script to work, you have to open a profile page in a new tab (i.e. not clicking it to open in the same tab).
That's because the instagram site uses single-page application workflow (i.e. the history API - see the relative question in StackOverflow)

Thanks a lot to wOxxOm for his valuable help in here.

Hosted in GitHub

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