cuzi / Bandcamp script (Deluxe Edition)


Version: 1.30.3+910f7c0 updated

Summary: A discography player for and manager for your played albums




License: MIT

Libraries Used

Please use Tampermonkey Beta for now, because there is a bug in the stable version

This userscript runs on all websites (// @include *) because bandcamp pages can have custom domains (Discussion).
If you don't want this feature, you can install the alternative version that only runs on and Click to install alternative version.

Please use Tampermonkey Beta for now, because there is a bug in the stable version

Main features:

  • player on discography pages (similar to the player on tag pages)
  • manage your 'played/listened' albums by clicking on a '✔ Mark as played' link
  • Export/backup played/listened albums
  • circumvent the "The time has come to open thy wallet" limit
  • Desktop notifications on song change (disabled by default, enable in script settings in the top right corner)
  • Control playback with hardware multimedia keys or remote control
  • Set reminders for upcoming releases
  • Dark theme by Simonus
  • Lyrics from on album pages if bandcamp does not provide lyrics
  • Works on
  • Settings to disable individual functions

Other features:

  • Album page: Direct download link, if you already bought the album
  • Album page: Hover over top-right corner of album art to play in "Discography player"
  • Album page: Show release date in a custom format (disabled by default)
  • Album page: Show album ID (disabled by default)
  • Album page: Show a volume slider
  • Album page: Shuffle/repeat option
  • Feed: Show audio player controls (play/pause/seek) in bottom right corner
  • Feed: Automatically play next item in feed when track ends
  • Feed: "play album" link neyt to "buy now" to play album in "Discography player"
  • Feed: Show only new album releases in the feed (disabled by default, enable in script settings)
  • Discography player: Show at the page bottom like bandcamp's player or as side bar
  • Discography player: Add track or album to wishlist
  • Tag search: Search multiple tags with the 🔍 search in the navigation bar
  • Tag search: Play albums in "Discography player"
  • Search: Play search results in "Discography player"
  • Download mp3 from discography player
  • Download mp3 from album page

Discography player:

  • The discography can also be opend from any album page: hover the mouse over the top right corner of the album art and a play button appears.
  • In the feed you can open the player by clicking the "play album" link next to the "buy now" and "add to wishlist" button

Screenshot of discography page

Album page:

Screenshot of album page

Dark theme album page:

Screenshot of dark mode album page

Lyrics from on album page:

Screenshot of lyrics

Discography player as a sidebar:

Screenshot of discography sidebar


Screenshot of script options



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