cuzi / Bandcamp script (Deluxe Edition)


Version: 1.26.1+1274a42 updated

Summary: A discography player for and manager for your played albums




License: MIT

Libraries Used

This userscript runs on all websites (// @include *) because bandcamp pages can have custom domains (Discussion).
If you don't want this feature, you can install the alternative version that only runs on and Click to install alternative version.


  • player on discography pages (similar to the player on tag pages)
  • manage your 'played/listened' albums by clicking on a '✔ Mark as played' link
  • Export/backup played/listened albums
  • circumvent the "The time has come to open thy wallet" limit
  • volume slider on album pages
  • shuffle/repeat on album page
  • Download mp3 from discography player
  • Download mp3 from album page
  • Desktop notifications on song change (disabled by default, enable in script settings in the top right corner)
  • Control playback with hardware multimedia keys or remote control (only Chrome)
  • Set reminders for upcoming releases
  • Dark theme by Simonus
  • Lyrics from on album pages if bandcamp does not provide lyrics
  • Settings to disable individual functions
  • Works on

Discography player:

Screenshot of discography page

Album page:

Screenshot of album page

Dark theme album page:

Screenshot of dark mode album page

Lyrics from on album page:

Screenshot of lyrics

Discography player as a sidebar:

Screenshot of discography sidebar


Screenshot of script options



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