chacham / Perlmonks Saints in our Book to Oracle


Version: 1.2.0+cde4b68 updated

Summary: Turn the data in Perlmonks Saints in our Book into an Oracle query with CTEs

License: MIT;

Adds a text area on the bottom of PerlMonks Saints in our Book with an Oracle query of the SioB data. It has queries to match the data, but any query can be executed against the data.

Version 1.0 Original release

12/01/15 Version 1.0.1 Fixed typos in the description. No code was changed.

05/12/16 Version 1.1

  • Added lookup for Monk Level.
    • The listed level is not a number.
  • Added Data_Level_Calc to associate the level, and do any other calculations for later convenience.
  • Added XP_Ratio_By_Level to calculate XP / Writeups
  • Added (commented out) query to format and display data from XP_Ratio_By_Level
  • Formatting
    • Removed spaces before backslashes at end of (text literal) lines
    • Added some actual new lines for consistency

05/13/16 Version 1.1.1

  • Bifurcated Data_Level_Calc to create Data_Level
  • Added Exclude column to Data_Level_Calc
  • XP_Ratio_By_Level
    • Added query part for all monks
    • Renamed ratio columns to shorten bottom query
    • Duplicated ratio columns, but with exclude
  • Modified (commented out) ratio query for the added and renamed columns.

05/16/16 Version 1.1.2

  • Data_Level_Calc's exclusions now uses NOT IN(username-list)
  • NodeReaper added to exclusions, thanx to hippo's suggestion

05/19/16 Version 1.2.0

  • Added Login_First and Login_Last to Data and Data_Level
  • Added 2 (commented out) queries to use Login_First and Login_Last
  • Added comments before bottom queries.
  • A lot of formatting via tabs
  • Those bottom queries ought to be cleaned up. But formatting them might make commenting them out harder. Perhaps make them all CTEs and use SELECT * FROM the CTEs, even though i usually detest SELECT * outside of EXISTS().

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