c0achm77 / vBulletin4 Thread Hider and More


Version: 3.02+da58f61 updated

Summary: Hides threads you do not want to read again.

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


This script is useful for vBulletin4 message boards. It essentially gives you ways to hide threads or ignore users that you don't want to see.

Main Features

  • Ignore individual threads by clicking on "ignore" icon to the left of thread title
  • Ignore individual threads by a search string in the thread title (example: add the string "nsfw" into your ignored strings list to hide all threads with "NSFW" in the title.
  • Ignore individual authors. This will hide all threads and posts started by that author.
  • An options dialog that will allow you to manage your hidden thread preferences.
  • A button for temporarily showing hidden threads/posts. You can re-hide them again as well. You can also do this by pressing ALT-Up Arrow.

    Huh? Show me.


Chrome Users: You can install this!

You can still install this in Chrome, even though this script isn't in the Web Store. Follow the instructions here. The instructions are for installing a different script, but the rest still applies.

I no longer will update the Chrome script. You can install the older version of this script from below:
Download 2.0.6 for Chrome

Changes in 3.0.0rc5

  • Allowed for the dbtech thanks upvote/downvote system to be considered by the post hiding logic. (Rating threshold).

Changes in 3.0.0rc4

  • Changed the way I store and retreive settings to be more robust

Changes in 3.0.0rc3

  • Styling updated for the options dialog
  • Bug fixes

Changes in 3.0.0rc2

  • Fixed some defects that arise when pointing to boards with different HTML templates.
  • Moved the ignore button to the beginning of the thread so you can always see it.

Changes in 3.0.0rc1

  • got it working with firefox only again. i'm going to focus on firefox only going forward--supporting both chrome and firefox took too much effort.
  • much better styling for the look and feel. i want this to be a beautiful script. we'll get there someday. :)
  • to encourage reviews or donations, i added a donate and review link.
  • removed zeptojs from the top of the script, going back to using jquery as a require.
  • made changes to make our sandbox a little more comfortable for the script.

Version 2.07

  • Experimental option, ignore downvotes when in rating threshold mode.
  • Author whitelist--don't ignore posts from these authors
  • UI updates.

Version 2.06

  • Fixed bug where there were hotkey conflicts for temporarily hiding threads that conflicted between windows, mac, and linux browsers. now using
    alt-up arrow, which looks like a safe key combination to use.
  • More ui updates...better look and feel
  • Fixed bug where the gray background behind the modal multiplied and multiplied.

Changes in 2.05

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.04 where enabling the experimental mode made everything break.

Changes in 2.04

  • Better looking buttons for showing/hiding threads
  • When temporarily showing hidden threads you'll see a green button that will allow you to stop ignoring hidden threads--if they were hidden by thread ID or by thread author. This does not work with threads hidden by title string.
  • Added a hotkey for temporarily showing and hiding hidden threads (ALT-H). It's a toggle.

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