brcha / Old battlefield on eRepublik


Version: 1.0.0+8ba6a6c updated

Summary: Select old battlefield by default

License: MIT;

Are you annoyed by this new, fancy battlefield style? Well, annoy yourself no more. With my new userscript, all battlefield links will point to the old style battlefields.

If you happen to find some bugs in my flawlessly written spaghetti javascript code, please drop me an ingame message, or submit an issue here, and I'll be happy to fix it. I, generally, dislike javascript (and regular java), and, on top of that, I've never written a userscript before. I'm guessing this simple code should work on chrome and opera, but I've tested it only on firefox, since that's what I'm using. If, for some reason, the script doesn't work on some browser, let me know so that I can fix it.

PS: The script doesn't work for RWs (yet).

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