brazenvoid / SpankBang - Search and UI Enhancer


Version: 1.3.1+eae16b4 updated

Summary: Various search filters and user experience enhancers

License: GPL-3.0-only

A UI toggled by a red line button on the left side is included to control the script completely.

What's new in v1.3

  • Rated filter

    Since the new playlist browsing feature was added, it has become a chore to browse new content.
    This filter closes tabs of videos that you have already rated before. This way you can go on a video opening spree in each playlist without concern about opening already seen ones.
    It can only work on video tabs opened through new tab option due to security limitations.

Video Filtering

  • Blacklist filter
  • Duration range filter
  • Rated filter ^
  • Rating range filter
  • Resolution filters
  • Sanitation filter to omit or substitute any words in video names
  • Search phrase filter
  • Views range filter
  • Whitelist filter

^ Closes tabs with videos you have rated before. Only works on video tabs opened through new tab option / middle mouse button, due to security limitations.

UI Manipulations

  • Redirect subscriptions link to new subscriptions videos page
  • Remove ad box in lists
  • Remove embed video section
  • Remove live model sections
  • Move screenshots to above the video player
  • Move video details to the top of the right pane
  • Swap related videos with comments section

More Features

  • Script configuration backup and restore
  • Switch to disable all filters
  • UI to manage all features

Limitation: GreaseMonkey is unsupported

Rating: 0