brazenvoid / PH - Search & UI Tweaks


Version: 3.6.3+d4c75ba updated

Summary: Various search filters and user experience enhancers

License: GPL-3.0-only

A comprehensive script to simplify search and also manipulate PH UI. A UI toggled by a yellow line button on the left side is included to control the script completely.

What's new in v3.6.2

  • Fixed views filter after site change

Video Filtering

  • Blacklist filter
  • Duration range filter
  • Paid videos filter
  • Premium videos filter
  • Private/Fan videos filter
  • Professional videos filter
  • Rating range filter (Optionally show unrated videos)
  • Recommended videos filter
  • Sanitation filter to omit or substitute any words in video names
  • Search phrase filter
  • Subscribed videos filter {1}
  • User blacklist filter
  • Views range filter
  • Watched videos filter (Only / Hide)
  • Whitelist filter

{1} For this to work you need to let the script store your subscriptions in its cache. This usually takes a second and can be achieved through the "Load Subscriptions" button in the Global Tab. Your feeds page is excluded. Playlists and profiles of subscribed users are exempt from filtration of their own videos.

Link Manipulations

  • Directly jump to user public video pages
  • Disable playlist controls on videos opened from playlists

UI Tweaks

  • Always show large player
  • Auto Next - Automatically go to next page in search when all videos are filtered. Setting requires a refresh to start working.
  • Remove ad boxes
  • Remove live model streams
  • Remove porn stars listings in the sidebar

Base Features

  • Automatic propagation of configuration updates to all tabs
  • Script configuration backup and restore
  • Switch to disable all filters
  • UI to manage all features


  • Script supports own feed page, search, playlists, profiles and video pages
  • GreaseMonkey is unsupported

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