brazenvoid / Hitomi - Search & UI Tweaks


Version: 6.1.1+1becdda updated

Summary: Various search filters and user experience enhancers

License: GPL-3.0-only

A full-featured UI is included, activated by clicking the gray button, in the top-left side of the page.

What's new in v6.1

  • Image set galleries support


  • Filter galleries by page range ^
  • Filter galleries by languages
  • Filter galleries by type
  • Filter galleries by tags blacklist
  • Filter artists
  • Filter series
  • Highlight favourite tags
  • Highlight disliked tags
  • Only include certain gallery types
  • Show all gallery tags in search
  • Remove related gallery section in gallery pages

^ Closed gallery pages on non-compliance. Only works on gallery pages opened in new tabs.

Base Features

  • Automatic propagation of configuration updates to all tabs
  • Script configuration backup and restore
  • Switch to disable all filters
  • Enlargeable UI

How to work with the tag lists


  • artist:hara
  • artist:butch-u


  • series:strike witches
  • series:touhou project

General Tags:

  • anthology
  • sample

Gender Specific Tags:

  • female:sole female
  • male:sole male

Combination Rules:

  • female:sole female & female:milf
  • female:sole female | female:solo action

Be careful in specifying many nested AND tags as they will affect performance.

Limitation: GreaseMonkey is unsupported

Rating: 0