brazenvoid / CelebrityMovieArchive - Search Enhancements


Version: 1.3.0+046deee updated

Summary: Various search filters and user experience enhancers

License: GPL-3.0-only

Adds more search filters.

What's new in v1.3

  • Automatic propagation of configuration updates to all tabs

Video Filtering

  • Show videos from titles released in specified year limits
  • Show videos in specified downloads count limits ^
  • Show videos in specified duration limits (Unit: seconds)
  • Show videos of specified content rating
  • Show videos of specified resolutions ^^
  • Hide videos of specified actresses
  • Hide videos in your library ^
  • Auto next page when no results ^^^
  • Disable filters on source, actress and your library pages

^ Deep filter, loads the video page internally to get related statistic. To reduce impact, loading is triggered after all other filters pass.

^^ This filters videos in the -20% to +80% of selected resolution breakpoints.

^^^ This is a dangerous yet very helpful feature. Keep in mind that it rests control away from you and depending on your filters, you may not be able to get it back unless it finds a page with results or reaches the last page. One iffy way is to click on stop button.

Base Features

  • Automatic propagation of configuration updates to all tabs
  • Script configuration backup and restore
  • Switch to disable all filters
  • UI to manage all features

Limitations: GreaseMonkey is unsupported

Rating: 0