bl00m / Mastodon Customizable Interface


Version: 0.3+0e4cac4 updated

Summary: Allow to move and resize columns on a grid.

License: MIT

/!\ This script is not compatible with mastodon "pined column" functionality.
/!\ You can still use it but pinning columns will produces weird bugs.

This script allows to arrange mastodon web components on a 2*5 grid (with CSS grid).
You can drag & drop to move the components and resize them on the grid.

Your browser needs to suport CSS grid.

Works only with TamperMonkey
For now I don't know why it doesn't work with GreaseMonkey.
Tested on firefox & chromium.


Replace '' lines 7 & 8 with the domain of the instance you use.


Demo 1

Demo 2

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