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Version: 1.10.0+8d5e536 updated

Summary: Upgrade your Minds experience

Copyright: 2022-2024, barefootstache (

License: MIT

Minds Limitlezz

Improve your Minds experience.



  • Add widget to existing navigation menu on the left
  • Able to open and close the widget

Auto Scroller

Simple auto scroller that can be altered from the default 100ms and 25px scroll speed.

Can start and stop it with SPACE key after activating hotkeys. Make sure to deactivate before typing.

Checking Activate Group Grid View will automatically set the values to 2000ms and 750px. Unchecking it will reset to default.


  • Removes boosted content
  • Removes content on the right
  • Expands the feed to fill the whole page
  • Can hide reminded content
  • Can hide embedded content
  • Can hide media free content, so text only

Group Pages

  • Expands the feed to fill the whole page and centralizes media
  • Can view media content in a grid view and removes strings. They are hinted with an aqua line above the media.

Channel Pages

Feed Tab

  • Removes about section on the right
  • Can be displayed in grid view

Gallery Tab

  • Removes everything except the media

Groups Memberships

  • Can be displayed in grid view
  • While in grid view will highlight new content
  • Can hide outdated groups

Legal notice

This project is not affiliated in any way with
The user acknowledges that it is their responsibility and not that of the developers of this addon.

More Details

For more details checkout the GitHub repo.

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