arvid-demon / 7ktTube | 2016 REDUX


Version: 4.3.9+8517c54 updated

Summary: Old YouTube 2016 Layout | Old watchpage | Change thumbnail & video player size | grayscale seen video thumbnails | Hide suggestion blocks, category/filter bars | Square profile-pictures | Disable hover thumbnail previews | and much more!




License: GPL-3.0-only

Version 4.3.7

 • Playlist thumbnails now display correct number amount of videos  instead of +++
 • Mix playlists in search now display selected size in settings tab.
 • Fixed subscribe button and subscribe counter on channel page . 

Version 4.3.5

 • Removed obsolete features from settings-panel.
 • Added new features in settings -panel:
‎‎‎‎ + Hide Metadata panels below description 
 + Hide channel-store / merch on watch-page
 + Hide panels in video description on watch-page
 • Added more explanatory images to the settings panel
 • Changed video title size to the  correct size.• Changed video title size to the  correct size.
 • Changed  line-height  on the text in video description to the correct height. 

Version 4.3.4

 • A lot of visual improvements on watch page! 
 • Dark mode now works just as good as Light Mode!
 • More scattered layout issues now resolved! 

Version 4.3.3

 • Resolved all annoying watch page layout issues.
 • Restored the original sidebar links (again) since a YouTube update messed them up
+ a lot of scattered minor layout problems fixed

Version 4.3.2

 • Fixed the subscribe button location and text alignment for other channels on channel page
 • Removed the new search category filter bar and re-aligned the classic Filter drop-down button.
 • Improved how channels info and subscribe button appears in search results.
 • Removed chapters that was displayed for videos in search results.
 • Removed rounded edges for multiple drop-down menus.
 • Aligned titles and padding between video shelves on channel page.
 • Removed the video player rounded edges (again).
 • Removed the channel page header tagline and replaced it with channel links (temporary fix).
 •  Multiple fixes on comments section on watch page.

Version 4.3.0

 • Removed the video player rounded edges (again)
 • Removed the channel page header tagline and replaced it with channel links (temporary fix)
 • Multiple fixes on comments section on watch page

Version 4.2.9

 • Fixed the overlay timecode to display properly on thumbnails.
 • Made the channel page header tagline visible again.

Version 4.2.8

 • Added CSS for new chat UI to display properly on watch page  
 • Fixed thumbnail progress bar and video length overlays to display properly.

Version 4.2.7

 • Fixed button and table alignments on watch page 
 • Fixed more replies arrow, thumbs up & down button (displayed duplicates)
• Fixed account drop-down menu not being displayed properly.

Version 4.0.1

• Fixed broken feature: disable category bar on Home page
 • Restored red watch progress bar on thumbnails.

Version 4.0.0

 • New version for YouTube's latest UI.

Version 3.6.4

 • Replaced the old url on Downloads Page button in settings page to the new url.
 • Altered 7ktTube Settings button in top header to open settings in a new tab/window.
 • Altered 7ktTube Save Settings button to only Save Settings (no longer closes settings page) 
 • Altered 7ktTube Close Settings button label and background-color.
 • Altered 7ktTube Close settings button function  history.back(); to window.close()); since settings now open in a new tab/window

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