artbit / deviantArt randomLinks


Version: 0.51+7131cd4 updated

Summary: Adds a link to the random deviant and random deviation under the deviantArt rockDock bar



Copyright: 2007, ArtBIT (

License: MIT;

Wait, what's this?

This is a greasemonkey script that places the Random Deviant and Random Deviation links where they belong - up in the mainBar next to your friends.

I mean, why?

Because 60% of the people are unaware of the Random Deviation and Random Deviant links down there on the bottom of the page.
Also, since they now show on the top, you don't need to scroll down to press them again if you want to jump to the next random deviant/deviation.

I want to start using it. How?

In order to use it, you must be using Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox, and you must have the Greasemonkey extension installed.
If you have any previous versions of randomLinks installed, uninstall them, before installing the new version.
Next time you open any page on deviantArt, this script will place a link to the random deviant/deviation on the mainBar next to the friends button.

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