adelphia / Best of the Bay Auto-voter


Version: 1+ed5241a

License: MIT;

WTF Creative Loafing?!?!

These guys forgot to add me (Batmaan Magumbo) to their list of nominees this year, and I really want to win! Will you help me out?

I wrote this little browser plugin. Here's what it does..

  1. Navigates your browser to the voting page
  2. Creates a brand new email address so you don't have to give your real email
  3. Adds my name to the list of nominees and selects it
  4. Submits the vote and starts the whole thing over again

This plugin is meant to be used in a browser window all by itself in the background. Run the script, then open a new window to continue doing whatever you were doing. The script will keep voting for me automatically.

If you're using Firefox you must install Greasemonkey.

If you're using Chrome you must install Tampermonkey.

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