aclevercrow / Tumblr Fic Adjustments


Version: 0.1+528a9e2 updated

Summary: Press the ` key to remove and replace default styles for easier reading of stories or long text posts on Tumblr.

License: MIT;

Tumblr Fic Adjustments

What It Does

Removes the default styles from a tumblr post at the press of the backtick ( ` ) key, replacing them larger sized font and line-heights for easier reading.


text post prior to using scripttext post after

How to Use

  1. Install the script.
  2. Find and navigate to tumblr page of a large text post/story you want to read.
  3. Press the backtick ( ` ) key.


This is just a simple script I wrote so I wouldn't have to resort to the web developer panel to read stories/long text posts on tumblr. I usually browse from a desktop, so the sizes are pretty large. They can be manually adjusted via the margin, fontSize, lineHeight settings in the code. This also pulls in Crimson Text font from google fonts, but you can change that as well with a different font (from google or on your drive) & adjusting the fontFamily setting in the code.

To Change Font Settings

Find the following code in the script:

styleChange = {
    margin: '3rem',
    fontFamily: '"Crimson Text"',
    fontSize: '1.8rem',
    lineHeight: '3rem'

And adjust the values to your preferred settings.
Note: To use a different google font from Crimson Text, copy the new url from google and replace the default:
// @resource crimsonText
Don't forget to change the fontFamily setting from above.

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