_leBluem_ / VideoLayerRemover


Version: 0.3+5425434 updated

Summary: kill layer video ads, maybe you have to unpause manually 2 or 3 times, use carfully!

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Kill Html5 video layer ads.

this helps a lot:

The page is checked every 750ms for elements with a z-index > 200000000.

Maybe you have to UN-pause manually 2 or 3 times.

Does not help against inline-video-ads or inline-flash-ads.

Did work for golem.de, pcgames.de, pcgameshardware.de

Use carfully, it may break things...

did work for

// @match        http://*.golem.de/*
// @match        https://*.golem.de/*
// @match        http://*.pcgames.de/*
// @match        https://*.pcgames.de/*
// @match        http://*.pcgameshardware.de/*
// @match        http://*.sueddeutsche.de/*
// @match        https://*.sueddeutsche.de/*
// @match        http://*.n-tv.de/*
// @match        https://*.n-tv.de/*
// @match        http://*.pcgames.de/*
// @match        https://*.pcgames.de/*

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