_leBluem_ / TextReFlower


Version: 0.1.0+bb45559

Summary: click on text to reflow into visible area, Android FF USI

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

Click on text to reflow into visible area. I mostly made this because it was a pain to browse on an Android device.

Before using this make sure you tried changing the default font size in your browser, on mobiles default is tiny.

This is simply the userscript version of
or (which is enabled by default)
see also:

But I found them to be of less use. This works well under Android with Firefox and USI UserScriptInjector:

what will be TextReFlower'ed?

  • text under the "click" and some parents (a variable in the script, default: 3)
  • the whole document
  • if your lucky, you only have to click once!
  • if the visible clicked text already fits the click is ignored

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