XDHx86 / My Video (Web Video Player)


Version: 1.6.5+187174e updated

Summary: Custom video player with custom UI and shortcuts, EVERYTHING is customizable. Works on facebook, youtube and almost all websites.

Copyright: 2020, XDHx86 (

License: MIT


A web video player which allows custom shortcuts, custom UI, and video tracking.


1. Works on ANY website including social media.

2. Custom keyboard shortcuts.

  • Keyboard shortcuts binding (Customizable):
  • "Key K" => Pause/Play
  • "Key S" => Stop
  • "Arrow Up" => Volume up
  • "Arrow Down" => Volume Down
  • "Key M" => Mute
  • "," (Comma) => Short step backward
  • "." (Period) => Short step forward
  • "Key J" => Long step backward
  • "Key L" => Long step forward
  • "Key T" => Increase playback rate
  • "Key Y" => Decrease playback rate
  • "Key R" => Reset playback rate
  • "Key F" => Fullscreen (See notes)
  • "Key D" => Download
  • "Key P" => Picture in picture (Chrome ONLY)
  • "Key O" => Loop
  • "Key Z" => Toggle custom UI

3. Download video. (See notes)

4. Auto resume from last stop.

5. Auto use custom UI. (See notes)

6. Video tracking.

7. Built in styler to make your own video player.

8. Key disable (See notes)

9. Website/Page exclusion.

10. Backup & Restore.

11. Resize video in theater mode.

12. CTRL/Shift step.

13. Download videos from YouTube and Facebook.

14. Subtitles support, and automatic subtitle integration from YT.

15. Completely dynamic, you don't need to reload to apply anything. (Not CSS, not excluding/including, no nothing!)

16. Completely user-friendly UI. You don't need to get your hands dirty and your brain a sever headache just to change a simple variable.

17. Does NOT use any library or plugin.

18. Works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera. Doesn't support Android/IOS.



  • New major features:
    • Now you can upload youre own subtitle to watch it with the video, keep in mind it is still experimental so please send feedbacks whenever you face a bug. (See notes)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed YT downloader and bunch of minor bugs.


  • New minor features:
    • Now you can download video thumbnail from YouTube
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a number of bugs around here an there
    • Now downloading videos from YT or FB works again
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code
    • Updated Styles


  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Now if the video disappear when in custom UI mode, the UI disappear as well
    • Now the script detects if you're texting friend on FB and doesn't trigger shortcuts, you can share your trash edgy memes in peace now
    • Updated styles
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code


  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Now if the video disappears while in custom UI mode, the UI disappears as well
    • Now the script detects if you're texting friend on FB and doesn't trigger shortcuts, you can share your trash edgy memes in peace no problem
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code


  • New major features:
    • Now the script attempts to get thumbnail when hovering on custom UI (Doesn't work on blob types. Also depending on your internet connection, it might take a while)
    • Added ability to download video from video converters (Only working on YT and FB for now, feedback if you want more)
  • New minor features:
    • Added support for local files
    • Added feedback button in Tampermoneky menu
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Bug fixes
  • Under the hood:
    • Formatted and removed redundant code


  • New major features:
    • Added ability to loop video between specified time frames (Shift+loop)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed shortcuts triggering when commenting on FB or YT
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Removed scroll when adjusting volume on wheel
    • Further enhanced auto custom UI by adding ontimeupdate, so it triggers even while playing
  • Under the hood:
    • Enhanced the get name function


  • New major features:
    • Attempt to get the video name when downloading
  • New minor features:
    • When video ends automatically get out of fullscreen mode
    • Settings only hide when in theater mode and in frames now (You can still cheat by opening the menu then pressing theater mode)
    • Now you can press and hold a shortcut (Basically used keydown instead of keyup)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in theater and fullscreen mode
    • Fixed theater mode incorrect CSS after exiting through escape, buffer included
  • Under the hood:
    • Enhanced auto custom UI
    • Style updates and HTML code updated


  • New minor features:
    • Adjust volume on wheel (Only in custom UI)
    • Don't auto resume on this site (Enabled on YT and FB by default, disable in menu)
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Fixed more bugs in auto custom UI
    • Removed max history, now the only limit is the age of the record
    • Now the script shows changelog when it updates. Hello there! Were you forced here against your own will? Well, sucks to be you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • New major features:
    • Now you can resize the video in theater mode
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Bug fixes, styles updates
    • Auto custom UI triggers on canplay, play, playing, progress instead of load, to ensure it triggers correctly


  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Some enhancements in the script functions


  • New major features:
    • Added Shift/CTRL step, you can adjust it's step size in settings menu
    • Added history limit to make sure the value is never exceeded (See notes)
  • New minor features:
    • Don't auto custom UI on this site
    • Now auto resume from last stop works even if you have auto play on
    • Added buffering CSS when the video stops to buffer
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Now video progress bar works on current progress instead of last progress
  • Under the hood:
    • Styles updates


  • New major features:
    • Now when you add/remove an exclusion you don't have to reload
  • Minor fixes and changes:
    • Buffer progress bar now shows last progress instead of first progress
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug in auto resume
    • Fixed bug in delete old history
    • Fixed bug in exclusions and made it more specific
    • Fixed a bug in video tracking history overflowing (See notes)
  • Under the hood:
    • Code enhancements and styles updates


  • Initial release
  • Rewritten the whole script
  • New CSS and HTML code
  • Upgraded custom UI
  • A lot of bugs fixed
  • Added new features
  • Now fully supports social media sites
  • Better support in the future


  1. Fullscreen: Only fullscreen the video element itself and uses the default styles of media controls in your browser.
  2. Download: Only downloads sourced videos, blob type videos aren't downloaded except YouTube and Facebook.
  3. Auto custom UI: Works when there is ONLY one video in the page.
  4. Key disable: Disable shortcuts from the script so it doesn't overlap with the original shortcuts of the video.
  5. History delete: The script keeps track of last played videos to resume last stop when replaying the video. However, this value isn't limitless, therefore a purge is necessary. The scripts deletes records older than a set age defined by the user.
  6. Custom UI controls: Shortcuts work in custom UI even when disabled.
  7. Custom UI DOES NOT support multiple qualities, so pick the quality first then use custom UI.
  8. The script shortcuts DOES NOT Replace the original shortcuts!!
  9. To add YT subtitles you need to enable subtitles on the video first and then you can use it in the custom player.


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