Windowsfreak / Deutsche Bank Auto-Login


Version: 2.4+868dde1 updated

Summary: Help Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox auto-save account information. Supports multiple credentials.

License: MIT;


Greasemonkey Tools to automate access to the Deutsche Bank OnlineBanking


Tool that saves and loads your account credentials using your browser's password manager.

If you have exactly one account, it will login. You can cancel it by repeatedly pressing the Escape key.

With more accounts, your browser will let you choose one, or press Cancel.

Then you will be presented with two additional buttons right below Login ausführen:

Konto auswählen to repeat account selection and Konto hinzufügen to add another account.

Credentials are no longer stored in LocalStorage. Use your browser's password manager to delete outdated credentials.

Collect historical Vermoegensuebersicht data.user.js

Tool that saves the table displayed when clicking on Vermögensübersicht. It then moves to the previous day until existing data is found or the website reports an error (i.e. the age of your account is reached).

When finished, a button is displayed to navigate to the Display script.

Display Vermoegensentwicklung table.user.js

Tool that logs its saved table into the console and also appends it on the website.

If you want to import the data on a Google Sheet, please set the Sheet's language settings to Deutsch (Deutschland), as the dates, numbers and percentages are exported in a human-readable format.

Display Vermoegensentwicklung charts.user.js

Tool that draws charts for its saved table and allows the user to select different graphs to plot.

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