WildLion / Auto ad skipper for YouTube


Version: updated

Summary: This addon skips youtube ad automatically (This is not an ad blocker)


License: MIT

Auto ad skipper for YouTube

This script skips the youtube ad (video ad & banner ad) automatically.
As it is still in experimental stage, I can't guarantee that it works 100%
But it works :p

You may also try out my new YouTube Ad skipper PLUS with additional feature
(Don't use it along with this script)


Trouble in installation?
Please checkout Installation manual
Also try installation using this URL: installation URL

Q) The script is not working some times.
A) It is noted that the script is not getting started by 'tampermonkey/greasemonkey' extension sometimes. Try reloading the page.

Q) How to know if the script is working.
A) When the script is working , you can see '(Ad skipper enabled)' at left top of the youtube page.

Q) Does this script collect any of my personal information?
A) No, not at all. You can make it sure as the source code is visible to everyone.

Q) Why did you create this script?
A) First of all , I want to skip the youtube ad automatically. Secondly, I like coding. So I wrote the script on my own even thought there are a lot of script by other which does same thing.

Q) I wish to make suggestion/I found some bug in the script.
A) Please open an issue if you don't mind. I'll try to solve the issue asap whenever I have time.

The same script is available in Greasy Fork

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