Wiidat / MyList Status Bar


Version: 2.0.2+13bc56e updated

Summary: UserScript for adding status bar to AniDB MyList page.


Homepage: https://github.com/wiidat/MyList-Status-Bar

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

License: GPL-3.0

UserScript for adding status bar to AniDB MyList page, without losing "Update Selected Anime" function.

Heavily modified version of Seiya_L's script:


  • now works with HTTPS
  • fixed: page refreshing on expanding an anime title, script now writes code to a script class to the body of the html and works from there
    (credits to tametomo, similar to external script loading but i'm paranoid about potantial issues so i changed it.
    https://openuserjs.org/scripts/tametomo/AniDB-Site-Enhancer_Full )
  • some code cleanup

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