VitorMM / easy download


Version: 0.1+42fb001

Summary: Makes the download button more visible

License: MIT

Once, a friend of mine asked to download the Brazilian subtitles of "El Barco". I tried to look for them in OpenSubtitles, and guess what? In one of those episodes the str link wasn't in the same place as before, and I accidentally clicked in the wrong link, multiple times.

That happens because the UI is OpenSubtitles is highly polluted, with lots of unneeded things for those who just want to download the f***ing subtitle. In order to solve that, I've created that script.

It replaces the contents of the "Subtitle details" box with a giant blue link called "DOWNLOAD", which downloads the subtitle and its related files, like the .nfo file that is present sometimes. Now we can download subtitles in peace.

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