VcSaJen / Namize Background Ponies!


Version: 1.038+c54f30c updated

Summary: Namize Background Ponies on Derpibooru!


License: MIT;

Libraries Used


You’re tired from boring hex-fingerprints? You want funny pony names instead of Background Pony #F0FA? You want colors? No probrem!

This script replaces hex anon fingerprint with pony names. For example, “Background Pony #4BEF” will become “Dim Times (Background Pony)”. Easy, funny, and not confusing numbers.

Also, you can colorize Background Ponies. Either with small marker or fully.

Tested on Firefox, Opera, Edge and Chrome. Theoretically, script can work with other browsers too.


How to install script

  1. Install greasemonkey/tampermonkey/violentmonkey

For Firefox users, go to
And install greasemonkey.

For Chrome users, go to
And install tampermonkey.

For Opera users, go to
And install Violent monkey.

For Microsoft Edge users, go to
And install tampermonkey.

For other browsers exists similar plugins/extensions.

  1. Go to!
    and click “Install” button.

How to change script options
Open script “Namize Background Ponies!” for edit in your script manager extension.

You can see this:

var colored = true;          //change this to false if you don't like colors    
var fullNameColor = false;   //true -  full name will be coloured    
                             //false - only marker will be coloured    
var addBackgroundPony = true;//change this to false if you don't wish add " (Background Pony)" to the end of anon's "names"

Edit true to false, or false to true.


>50% pony names is from Pony Me 7.2 by 8-BitSpider

Script icon is Derpy Vector by TheShadowArtist100

Used jQuery and WaitForKeyElements (versions 1.0-1.033 only).

Used node-creation-observer (versions 1.034+)

Script by me.


You can discuss about this script here .


Sorry for my bad English.

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