VVind0wM4ker / YouTube - Mute Ads


Version: 1.0.4+f5ee898

Summary: Automatically mutes VideoAds


Homepage: https://github.com/VVind0wM4ker/Userscripts/tree/master/YouTube_Mute_Ads

License: MIT

YouTube - Mute Ads

Looking for a script that does the same, but automatically skips/closes ads?
Checkout my new script FairBlock at GitHub (install links included)

This is a small Script to mute video ads on YouTube automatically .

You want to help your favorite YouTuber by disabling your AdBlocker?
But you don't want to hear the same, annoying ad, over and over again ?
Then this is for you!

The script mutes advertisements before and while the video, it unmutes the video as soon as the actual video start's playing.

To keep it small, it only mutes ads on www.youtube.com/watch?*  which is 99% of all videos you'll be watching.

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