Ulyrion / Roll20 Custom scripts


Version: 2019.12.03.0+0c2e9bf updated

Summary: Sent direct file by URL in chat + Theme choice menu

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

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N.B: the script is in BETA version.

  • Add an "Theme Menu" into the Roll20 toolbar (themes available: 'default' and 'Strahd Theme')
  • Add an "insert button" to "send" an image or audio file directly by URL for all players.
    • An image file will be displayed in full-size on the map area (closable by click and re-openable from chat).
    • An audio file (.mp3 or .wav) will be launched for all players who will access the audio control for himself into the chat.
    • A video youtube launched into into the jukebox pane.
  • Add the possibility to send an image to the party members directly from the image library (by contextual menu upon right-click).
  • Add notes sheet from the dragon menu in strahd theme.

-- Add Greek Theme with tools useful for system 'Barbarians of the Lemuria'

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