TimRiker / F5 Frontend Enhancements


Version: 26+bdb176b

Summary: F5 BIG-IP Frontend UI Enhancements



License: MIT


Enhances the F5 BIG-IP management web UI. Here's a few of the things it does:

Scans iRules for data group lists

iRule Data Group list scanning

Detects missing data group lists in iRules

This is to prevent a bug in one of the v12 versions.

iRule Missing Data Group list scanning

Generates monitor tests in the member details

iRule Missing Data Group list scanning

Highlights objects in the current partition

Object highlighting

Pre-populated CSR details

Pre-populated CSR Details

Prevents saving of data group lists when edit has been used

This is to prevent people from clicking edit, forgetting to re-add the edited data and clicking submit causing the element being edited to disappear from the data group list.

Prevent DG Save

Increased monitor and iRules select boxes

The were insanely small.

Increased select boxes

There's more. Check it out?

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