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Version: 1.1+1cb5da5 updated

Summary: Adds a download button in audio frames


Copyright: 2015, DragShot

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

Tumblr mp3 Download

Note: This script hasn't been updated in years, and after the NSFW ban I haven't really been using the site anymore. At this point the script probably no longer works, at least not until a new update is released.

This small script adds a button inside the audio iframes found in common Tumblr posts with music in them.

The script will wait for Tumblr to load the mp3 song (this happens the first time you press play) to catch it and provide you of a link to the file, which can be saved with a quick right-click > Save as. You'll know the download link is ready when the button turns in yellow.

What to do if the iframe is too small to show the button?

If you find an iframe to small for you to see the button this script generates, don't worry, it's still there. Simply right-click the play button and find an option to open the iframe contents in a new tab (This frame > Open frame in new tab in Firefox). That way the opened tab will provide enough space for you to see and use the link button with no problem.

Change log:


  • Now the script adds progressively buttons below non-iframe posts found in the dashboard.

Dev notes:

  • 2016/02/18: Thanks for the 1K downloads! I'm glad to see people find this little script useful. If something in the script ever messes up, don't hesitate in letting me know ASAP. You can open an issue for that. I'll see if I can do something similar for other portals like Newgrounds, as some tracks in there seem to have the Download option disabled for one or other reason.
  • 2016/09/12: 2.5K downloads! *Party noises intensifies* Thank you, everyone.

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