TheDragShot / Discord Classic Style


Version: 1.0.9+f44725c updated

Summary: Restores the font and color usage of the discord app to its former glory.



Copyright: 2023, DragShot Software

License: GPL-3.0-only

Discord Classic Style

Discord Classic Style

Do you find Discord's new accent color way too saturated and uncomfortable to look at? Is that new font used in section and channel names so irregular and ugly it just gets on your nerves? Then you're probably thinking like me: the new branding suuucks! Sadly, we can't do much about it... or can we?

Through this small script I will do what I can in order to undo those nasty changes and take the Discord visual experience back to its cozy origins.


  • Restore the old branding colors without need of any accessibility settings.
  • The font for title elements can use the font Whitney, if you have it installed in your system.
  • User profile popups are resized back to 280px width.
  • Minor GUI tweaks to mimic the old layout from before the rebranding.

Being developed

  • Ensure the sustainability of the modifications.
  • Maybe figure out a way to embed the font explicitly in the script.

Change log:


  • Updated some classnames used in profile popups.
  • Minor adjustments to the profile preview - I hadn't noticed that was affected by the script as well.


  • Restored usage of GG sans, Whitney font can still be used if you have it installed.


  • Restored the Whitney font for a while longer. Given the app's content policy, it is unlikely this patch will last for too long; but at least the new font isn't any bad.


  • Fixed a visual bug due to some class name changes.


  • Reduced the size of Nitro profiles. They're unnecessarily huge!


  • Minor changes to the appearance of "New Unreads/Mentions" popups in the channel list.


  • Restored the bold font weight in the server, category and chat titles.


  • Restored the old brand SVG image at the title bar (Desktop Client only).


  • Dropped usage of the newBrand class, as it seems to have been removed. RIP oldBrand.

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