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Version: 1.0.2+db64942 updated

Summary: Configurable layout and UX improvements for YouTube Music



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License: MIT


Lots of configurable layout and UX improvements for YouTube Music


All of these can be toggled and configured in the configuration menu.

  • Layout:
    • Open any song's lyrics on which generally has higher quality than YouTube's providers
    • Quick actions on songs in a queue, to quickly open their lyrics or remove them from the queue
    • Set a custom size and step resolution for the volume slider and show a percentage label next to it
    • Improvements to clickability of song titles and thumbnails when wanting to open them in a new tab
    • Quickly scroll to the currently active song in the queue by clicking a button
    • Remove the tracking parameter from URLs in the share menu
    • Automatically close permanent notifications
    • Remove the premium tab in the sidebar
  • Input:
    • Use arrow keys to skip forward or backward by 10 seconds
    • Press number keys to skip to a percentage of the currently playing song
    • Switch between YouTube and YouTube Music on a video by pressing the hotkey F9
    • Prevent the "unsaved data" popup that sometimes appears before leaving the site

... and more!

To toggle and configure features, after installing the userscript, click the "BetterYTM" text under the logo to open the configuration menu.
Alternatively or if you disabled the watermark, you can open it through the menu you get by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner.
Note that the page needs to be reloaded for changes to take effect.

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Requires a userscript manager browser extension.
I really recommend ViolentMonkey: FirefoxChromeEdge

Once you have the extension, click the install button above!

Note: the unsafeWindow grant is required due to limitations in some browsers, see this issue for more info.

To install the latest development build click here (note: the script will not auto-update to the next release version)


This project is based on my extensive template for making a userscript with TypeScript and many modern language and convenience features.
Check it out here if you want to make your own userscripts!

For information on how to contribute to this project, see the contributing guide


This userscript depends on these runtime libraries:

For development dependencies, please refer to devDependencies in package.json



  • I am not affiliated with or endorsed by YouTube, Google, Alphabet, Genius, or anyone else.
  • I do not own any third party icons, I just re-host them here for better stability and availability.
  • I do not intend to ever collect any data about you, everything in this script is done and stored locally on your device or on the site the script runs on.
  • I can't guarantee this software is without flaws. If something bad happens, I don't accept blame. I do however accept bug reports and feature requests.

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