StylishThemes / GitHub Custom Emojis


Version: 0.2.7+78db29d updated

Summary: Add custom emojis from json source


License: MIT

This userscript allows you to use and add custom emojis to GitHub.

Image emojis replace text that follow this template :_{name}:, so as not to interfere with the default GitHub emojis. Custom emojis can be added anywhere on the page, and provide an autocomplete method in issue comments.

Text emojis, both unicode and kaomoji, can be added using an autocomplete dropdown by typing a tilde symbol (~). Or, by opening up the collections and selecting the desired emoji.


Insert text emojis

Use ~ to open the dropdown

start typing

Insert image emojis

Use :_ to open the dropdown

start typing

Settings panel

Open by pressing g + = (equals) within one second of each other.


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