Sauvegarde / Anything Not Saved


Version: 5.2+8fe7b94 updated

Summary: Save every picture you like in one click.


Copyright: 2017, Sauvegarde (

License: MIT

Anything Not Saved (formerly "Artname") will attempt to create a Save as button near artworks in compatible websites. Save as will query the full size image (if applicable) and open the corresponding prompt with a supplied filename in the form of artist - artwork, with forbidden characters replaced (typically: : => -) or stripped.

If the button creation fails, it will fallback to a text node with the proper name (pre-highlighted so it can be easily copied).

Requisite permissions:

  • GM_xmlhttpRequest to get the file extension (with a head request) in websites that serves content indirectly.
  • GM_download for "Save as" functionality.

Supported websites, as of 2021-05-01:

  • DeviantArt: DeviantArt
  • FurAffinity: FurAffinity
  • Hentai-Foundry: Hentai-Foundry
  • InkBunny: Inkbunny
  • Eka's portal: Aryion
  • Weasyl: Weasyl

This script is developed and tested with the plugin TamperMonkey on Firefox.

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