Sandbird / TorrentLeech V5 Enhancer


Version: 2.8+105fc09 updated

Summary: Enhance TorrentLeech

License: MIT

TorrenLeech v5 Enhance Script

The purpose of the script is to make torrent browsing at TorrentLeech v5 fast and efficient.
Works with Greasemonkey(firefox) and with Tampermonkey(Chrome)

  • Adds a config settings menu, so people can choose what they want to show/hide/alter.
  • Allows to expand the container to 100%
  • Adds helpful buttons next to the movie/tv title (traktv page, copy title, trailer, IMDB link)
  • Adds color to the Seeders you know which ones are 'hot' or not.
    Colors are based on seeders and are ranged like this:
    0 to 50
    51 to 100
    101 to 200
    201 to 300
    301 to 500
    501 to 800
    801 to 1000
    1001 to 10000000
    using these colors:

v2.0 Features a settings menu.
preview v2



v1 - Initial release
v2 - Added TL Squeezer (combine Movies/TvShows into groups)
v2.1 - Fixed category clicks and pagination (not working with Squeezer ON though, you need to do a refresh when you change a page)
v2.2 - Added Word Highlighter (tags/keywords separated by comma are highlighted) (case insensitive)
v2.3 - Added 'Show Thumbnails' toggle, (preview torrent's cover when you hover over the title)
v2.4 - Force reload page when a Paging, sorting, category link is clicked....otherwise the script isnt working properly :/
v2.5 - Added 'Download All' button at the bottom of the page. It will download all the torrents that you see in the current page.
v2.6 - Added a 'Hide Torrent' icon next to torrent name. You can see your full list of hidden torrents at the bottom right, by clicking 'View Hidden Films'.
- Fixed 'TV Information' button to search the Title in imdb database, instead of
v2.7 - Skipped
v2.8 - Hide Torrent button will now hide any reference to that TV or Movie title from the torrrent list

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