Sandbird / TorrentLeech Enhancer


Version: 0.3.2+9a90119 updated

Summary: Enhance TorrentLeech

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0+;

TorrenLeech Enhance Script

The purpose of the script is to make torrent browsing at TorrentLeech fast and efficient

works with Greasemonkey(firefox) and with Tempermonkey(Chrome)

the scripts adds three buttons: info, copy, video, and IMDb rating to movies

info: opens imdb, or GameSpot. depends on the torrents category.

copy: makes it much easier to copy the torrent name to clipboard

video: depends on the torrents category it opens trailer, or game play of a given torrent.

Updated to work for the old website...not the live v4

Added a few more keywords, so that movie names get recognized easier from the API page.

Added button for movies and tv shows

Created my own little version of this plugin, to add some color to the Seeders i know which ones are 'hot' or not.
Colors are based on seeders and are ranged like this:
0 to 50
51 to 100
101 to 200
201 to 300
301 to 500
501 to 800
801 to 1000
1001 to 10000000
using these colors:
enter image description here

enter image description here

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