RexOmniFurtim / Twitch Multi-Redirect


Version: 1.2+0c13400

Summary: Redirect Twitch with options

License: MIT;

Twitch Multi-Redirect

Redirect twitch streams to your choice!

I don’t have the site you wanted? Tell me! I’ll make sure to add it.

Currently supports:

  1. Usage

  • TMR will automatically redirect you to the site of your choosing.
  • Click anywhere to stop it.
  • Alternatively add ?redirect=0 to the url to stop
    the redirect.
  • Settings can be edited by clicking the gear in the chat
    settings popup.
  • Click save to exit settings.
  1. Troubleshooting

  • If it’s redirecting too quickly for you you can add
    ?redirect=0 to the url to stop the redirect.
  • If that doesn’t solve your problem, tell me about it. I can't fix it, if I
    don’t know it’s broken.
  1. Credits

  • Script is made by RexOmniFurtim.
  • Feel free to edit, but please credit the orginal source.
  • I am not affilated with

TwitchLS, MultiTwitch

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