Pumpk1in / OGLight Pumpk1in Edition


Version: updated

Summary: OGLight script for OGame with some little edits

Copyright: 2019-2023, Oz, Pumpk1in

License: MIT

Fork History:

OGLight script for OGame

Updated for OGlight 4.2.6 !

Based on Oz/nullNaN amazing work: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/nullNaN/OGLight
He is the main developper of this script, kudos to him !

Edited version to add some little things:

  1. Specific body class added for easier CSS skinning (For Stylish/Stylus)
  2. AGR-like (antigame) energy preview (positive/negative) when building a new mine (togglable)
  3. AGR-Like (antigame) missing ressources preview for building/tech/ship/defense build, with needed transport ships number (togglable)
  4. Force unfold events list on Overview page (togglable)
  5. Fixed infinite spinning wheel when friendly transport incoming and you don't have the commander
  6. Fixed Spy reports missing in spy table for some people with different extensions & or settings/bonuses ingame (Fixed again in 4.0.15)

For all questions, please ask on Discord : https://discord.gg/dZqW242u6j

Preview OGLight

Building view

My edits are togglable

New togglable options


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