ProxyFiend / TumblrDown


Version: 1.1+5494c86 updated

Summary: Allows you to download posts of nearly any type.

Copyright: 2017, ProxyFiend (

License: MPL-2.0;

Libraries Used

** WARNING! This script uses XHR to access Tumblr's API. It will ask you for permission to connect to the server. Unless you allow it, this script will not function. **

This script allows you to use Ctrl + S to download Tumblr posts. It uses Tumblr's API, so it is compatible with any Tumblr blog, even if it uses it's own website.

Supported Post Types

  • Photo
  • Photosets
  • Videos


  • Find a way to download audio posts.
  • Create a way to download text posts.

Change Log


  • Added support for video posts.


  • Initial release.

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