ProxyFiend / TumblrDown


Version: 1.1+5494c86 updated

Summary: Allows you to download posts of nearly any type.

Copyright: 2017, ProxyFiend (

License: MPL-2.0;

Libraries Used

WARNING! This script uses XHR to access Tumblr's API. It will ask you for permission to connect to the server. Unless you allow it, this script will not function.

This script allows you to use Ctrl + S to download Tumblr posts. It uses Tumblr's API, so it is compatible with any Tumblr blog, even if it uses it's own website.

Supported Post Types

  • Photo
  • Photosets
  • Videos


  • Find a way to download audio posts.
  • Create a way to download text posts.

Change Log


  • Added support for video posts.


  • Initial release.

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