Prios / TfT Main Page Remake


Version: 1.0.6+9995fdb updated

Summary: Reshapes, restyles the TfT main page a bit.

Copyright: 2019, Prios (

License: MIT

To use this script, you'll need to install the Tampermonkey extension or Violentmonkey extension for your browser first, available here:
Simply install the extension, then click the "Install" button on this page. (The extension will show you the script's contents before giving you the option to install it.) That's pretty much it! The extension will only enable the script on the appropriate page, and update the script when and if I make updates here (though it will check with you before each update of course).

Unfortunately this script doesn't seem to work with Greasemonkey, probably because of this issue:

Transformania Time with this script running

Only affects the main page, and only for animate characters. Not for use on mobile browsers.

Please do not ask the Transformania Time staff for support with this script. It is not their script. This script does not and will not ever send any automated requests to the Transformania Time server, nor will I ever be making or endorsing any script, extension, or program that does so.

This script uses multiline strings (escaped newlines) which may not work on some obscure and/or old browsers. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it, and just make sure your browser is reasonably up to date.

This script should take roughly 20-30 milliseconds to run per page load. This does not include the time taken to redraw the page.

I have also written other scripts, including a hotkeys plugin:

Layout Changes

  • Sticks the activity log off in a fixed righthand column when the browser width is greater than 1200px. (Unfortunately some UI elements get scrunched up into each other between 1200px and 1400px browser width. I can't easily change the breakpoint to 1400px. Long story.)
  • Moves character and form name into the vital statistics box, moves the movement grid into the freed-up space. Generally makes the major UI elements bigger while filling in empty space and making the page more compact overall.
  • The settings page wrench in the upper bar menus is replaced by a "Settings" drop down submenu, with menu entries for editing your bio, setting your nickname (setting your nickname only works for donators), going to the original settings page that the wrench took you to, and entries for turning the audio alerts and html5 notifications on or off. You can also quickly see what your current audio alert and notification settings are from this submenu.
  • Boss and Chaos Mode announcement banners, and the turn/players/online banner, moved to bottom of page. This includes the check mark, which in my experience is always green after a page load finishes. I can move it back up top if appropriate.
  • "Enchanted by the (covenant name)" text is replaced by "SAFEGROUND for the (covenant name)" text when at a safeground.
  • Makes the entire box (cell) of an inter-area navigation link clickable, not just the text.
  • Original action buttons replaced - the willpower/mana/AP bars now act as the new cleanse/meditate/search buttons, respectively. Hover your mouse cursor over the bars to see the usual button text showing the costs of each action. As with the original action buttons, a button will be disabled and unclickable if you lack the AP to perform its action. Additionally, Cleanse and Meditate will be disabled if you've already performed three restorative-type actions, and Cleanse is disabled if you have under 3 mana. All of the buttons will re-enable when the turn time counter hits zero (since new turns refresh AP and restorations, and sometimes mana).

Added Clickables

  • Vital statistics bars now act as action buttons (see above).
  • New enchant shortcut link in lower right corner of navigation grid. Original enchant link still present at end of room description.
  • Clicking the experience progress bar brings you to the "My Effects" page. (This is the page that lists, among other things, your level-up perks.)
  • Clicking on your portrait brings you to the "Look at Yourself" page.


  • The x / 3 indicators, which show how many attacks or restorations you've made during the current turn, turn bold red when you're out of attacks or restorations (3 / 3).
  • The most recent activity log entry mentioning Lindella the Soul Vendor is highlighted in cyan.
  • The most recent activity log entry mentioning Wüffie the Soul Pet Vendor is highlighted in deep pink.
  • Lindella's trail is highlighted in cyan on the navigation grid, based on her latest log entry (unless there is no such entry or if Lindella is in the current area).
  • Wüffie's trail is highlighted in deep pink on the navigation grid, based on her latest log entry (unless there is no such entry, or Wüffie is in the current area; also, Lindella's cyan highlighting takes precedence if they overlap).


  • Adds pretty gradients for the bars and some subtle drop shadows.
  • Replaces the attacks, meditation/cleansings, and arpeyjis icons with emoji.

Known Bugs

  • Willpower bar text can get "stuck" showing its action text if the cursor is near the button on a page load. Problem clears up on page reload. This can probably happen with the mana and action point bars as well.

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